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Application of Dates Syrup:
-As a spread just like jam or marmalade for breakfast
-As a topping for desserts, cakes and ice cream
-As a sweetener with fresh milk, various kind of creams and sesame oil.
-As an ingredient in confectionary, chocolate, bread, baby food and soft drink industries.
-Dates Syrup Used to produce high quality alcohol and vinegar.
-Dates Syrup is As a colorant for foods and drugs.
-For fermentative processing of high quality tobacco.
Packaging of Dates Syrup:
– Plastic 450 gr. bottles, 12 packs in one carton.
– 330 g plastic bottles, 24 bottles in one carton.
– 25 kg plastic barrels.
– 270 kg Metal / Polyethylene barrels.

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