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What is Mazafati / Mozafati Date / Kimia dates?

Mazafati / mozafati dates / Kimia Dates : Delicate and rich flavor, with notes of caramel. Our customers are amazed by the sweet and soft melting of this special date. Harvested every single year in Bam, a mountainous area of Iran. No preservatives or chemical additives are added. The dates are cost-free from glucose and not heat treated generating it a fresh, raw, qualitative item

Consumer Markets of Mazafati Dates: North European countries including England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany, the Persian Gulf littoral states, the North American countries, specifically Canada, East Asian countries plus Australia are major importers of Iranian Mazafati / Mozafati Date As a matter of fact Iranians living abroad are among the key shoppers of the Mazafati / Mozafati Date It is estimated that Mazafati Date enjoys 20 percent of the nation’s total export of Dates our business export their merchandise to all over the globe which includes UAE , Iraq , India , Russia , Ukrine , Pakistan , Europe and other countries.

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Ripe Dates include potassium, which is recognized as an effective way of controlling diarrhea. They are also simple to digest, which further aids alleviate the unpredictable nature of chronic diarrhea. The soluble fiber in Dates can also support relieve diarrhea, by delivering bulk to the bowel movements and advertising normal, healthful functioning of the excretory method.

Mazafati / Mozafati Date just like other kinds of Date fruit is replete of wellness positive aspects. The Date is loaded with needed everyday power and is rich of vitamin B which is beneficial for strengthen the nerves , iron and phosphorous that have direct influence on remedy of Anemia and strengthen the memory and has higher amount of potassium and vitamin A in order to stop indigestion and skin overall health.

Health advantages of dates are uncountable, as this fruit is affluent in organic fibres and packed with vitamins and minerals. Low in fat and totally free from cholesterol, Mazafati / Mozafati dates are wonderful energy boosters as they include natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose. Dates are IRAN Dates Supplier really low in calories and are really appropriate for health conscious men and women and are a good nourishment for the muscle improvement.

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