Zahidi Date is dry with yellowish color, due to low content of sugar it is a great alternative for diabetic patients. Harvested in October, has moisture level less than other varieties.
– Moisture: under 14 %
– Shelf life: at room temperature above one year, under interim fumigation.
– Packaging: 5/10 kg cartons or cellophane and plastic packs.
– Shipment: By dry container.

Zahidi Dates
zahidi Dates

Date lovers looking to try something different might be pleasantly delighted with the curious and peanut-buttery flavor of the Zahidi variety. This type of date is also much less sweet than most date varieties, making Zahidi dates great to feature alongside cheese and meat on a tasting plate.
More features :
Moisture: Under 14 %
Shelf Life: Above one year
Shipment: Dry container
Grade: 2nd grades available
Taste: Sweet
Place of Origin: Iran

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