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Mozafat-Mazafati-dates description

Mazafati or Mozafati Dates are the berry fruits of the date palm of the palm family (Palmae, Arecaceae), which may reach up to 25 m in height. The Mozafat-Mazafati date palm is one of the oldest cultivated plants and is probably native to the area around the Persian Gulf.

The Mozafati-Mazafati-date palm is dioecious, and only a few male palms are kept; the female trees are pollinated by hanging pollen-impregnated cotton cloths over the female inflorescences, which then develop up to 200 dates per fruit spike.

The single-seeded oval berry fruit, approximately the size of a plum, is golden yellow to brownish red in color and has soft flesh and an inedible stone.

Sometimes the stones, which constitute 15% of the Mazafati-Mozafati-dates-fruits, are left in, resulting in dates with an attractive rounded appearance; the dates may on the other hand be stoned, but then have a sunken appearance.
Good Mozafati-Mazafati-dates are black , do not stick to one another and are not infested with mites. The most popular variety is the Mozafati-Mazafati-dates from Iran, which is hard brown to Black and has soft juicy flesh .

Old or incorrectly handled goods have a dull appearance and dry floury flesh and lack the distinctive sweet flavor.

Mozafati-Mazafati-Dates may become sour as a result of inadequate storage period. Sour fruit can only be used as animal feedstuff.

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