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Kimia Dates – Soft and Sweet – are perfect for sugar-free baking. I have baked Kimia date cake with and without sugar, and I have to say I absolutely prefer this sugar-free version. It highlights the natural sweetness of the Kimia dates.

But that said, I have to confess that I also love this cake with a dark chocolate topping. And what goes better with chocolate than rasberries? So if you want to make your cake a little more special, add dark chocolate ganache and some rasberries. To keep it sugar-free, you can use raw chocolate.

But the chocolate topping is totally optional; the cake is also yummy without it. And that is also the version I would give to small children.

A few hints for baking the cake. I think it does matter what kind of kimia dates you use. Try to find fresh ones, but if you can’t, choose a box of quality kimia dates with stones. With the stones inside, the kimia dates stay fresher and more moist, and removing the stones is an easy task.

My other hint is to watch the baking time, so that the cake will be nice and moist inside. I used a cake tin of the size 20 x 25 cm (around 8 x 10 inches). So if you use a cake tin of a very different size, you might need a shorter or longer baking time.
source : Kiddielicious Kitchen

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